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The European Union: Domestic crises and reduced foreign influence

Multiple local challenges have cast shadows on the European Union’s foreign policies recently, including: 1- Crises of the democratic model that have increased against the backdrop of the European elites losing their credibility and the crisis of the welfare state in Europe. 

Sinai: A Strategy for Development amid Fighting Terrorism

In the anti-Egypt camp, some of its pockets and remnants continue to fight for their lives. This camp supports the terrorist Muslim...

A Conflict-free Africa: Silencing the Guns and Owning the Future

“African solutions for African problems” is a principle that sums up the African Union’s (AU) philosophy in addressing different challenges and deeply-rooted...

A Multi-dimensional Affair: Women and Terrorism in Africa

Africa is one of the environments conducive to the spread of extremist groups. Sixty-four terrorist organizations reside in the continent, five of...


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Right to Life, Respect and Protection of Humanity: Guaranteed Rights in Egypt

Government guarantees protecting the rights of individuals enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human rights...

Threat of terrorism to human rights in Egypt and the world

Addressing terrorism as an internal or trans-border existential phenomenon and condition, and not an accident,...

Sinai: Human Rights and Combating Terrorism

Egypt has been in a continuous battle against terrorism since September 2015, when the two...

Egypt’s Vision for Combating Terrorism

Egypt’s vision for combating terrorism is rooted in the state’s firm view that terrorist groups,...

Human Rights in Egypt: Pragmatic Translation of Political Will

The Egyptian state adopted many of the recommendations of the UN Human Rights Council and...

The Right to Health in Egypt

“Every citizen has the right to health and to comprehensive healthcare which complies with quality standards. The State...


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